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Students for Climate Smart Villages Madagascar

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Make 20 Madagascar villages resilient again

Madagascar is one of the largest islands in the world and is placed near the east coast of Africa. Besides its unique biodiversity and flora and fauna the country also has its challenges. Madagascar is struggling with poverty, malnutrition and the abandonment of education, especially under girls. no less than 39.9% of girls between 15 and 19 years old are already married, which leads to early pregnancies and early school leaving. This in turn has consequences for gender relations and the economy in the country. The country also experiences increasing droughts and other disastrous effects of climate change. 42% Of the children in Madagascar is malnourished and there is a lack of good health care and sanitation.

Increasing the resilience of communities

With the Climate Smart Program in Madagascar UNICEF helps increase the resilience of communities against the effects of climate change and the intensifying droughts. By providing these villages with access to good sanitation, water systems and sustainable electricity, UNICEF aims to make 20 villages more climate-resilient and sustainable between 2022-2025. Besides investing in a sustainable infrastructure UNICEF also supports and invests in entrepreneurship and subsidizes local companies to train them in maintaining these services themselves. Lastly, UNICEF wants to increase knowledge about climate change among adults, local authorities, adolescents and children. Want to help UNICEF with improving a sustainable infrastructure in Madagascar and want to make 20 villages resilient again? Start your own fundraiser or make a donation!


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